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Lucky Guest Hits $340,652 Jackpot at Cache Creek Casino Resort

IGT Wheel of Fortune® Slot Machine pays big on a small wager

February 8, 2021 is a day that Christine K. won't soon forget. What started out as an ordinary Monday at Cache Creek Casino Resort quickly turned into a life-changing day for Christine.

Betting $1.75 on IGT's Wheel of Fortune® Gold Spin™ Triple Red Hot 7s™ wide-area progressive slot machine, Christine saw the winning reel symbols land on SPIN | SPIN | GOLDSPIN, which meant she could spin the elusive Gold Spin Bonus Wheel. The next thing Christine knew, she had turned $1.75 into $340,652.

Naturally, Christine was in shock after it happened and said she would take the next few days before deciding what to do with her winnings. It was Christine's first visit to Cache Creek in over a year, and as luck would have it, she timed it just right.