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Important 2019 Tax Information

Key points regarding win/loss tax changes that could impact you, and what you can do about it.
Your voice - as someone who could be directly impacted - is critical in the fight to stop this measure. We urge you to reach out immediately to Assembly Member Phil Ting, Chair of the Budget Committee to tell him you oppose this unfair change in the tax law. Here are some options:
  • To place a phone call (Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm): 415-557-2312
  • To send an email, click this link
  • Or, you can write and mail your own note to:
    Assembly Member Phil Ting
    455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14600
    San Francisco, CA 94102
Proposed action in the State Budget and Assembly Bill 1606 would eliminate the deduction for gaming losses when calculating state tax liability for winnings.
Eliminating the deduction for losses ONLY for gaming unfairly imposes additional tax burdens on patrons of tribal and commercial gaming businesses.
  • This singles out gaming patrons to provided funding for benefits for California citizens that are the entire state's responsibility.
  • Deductions for gambling losses against tax liability for winnings are common-sense and consistent with tax policies like those for capital gains or businesses, which levy tax on "net gain" - gains minus losses.
  • The federal and many state governments permit this deduction for gaming.
Eliminating the deduction would hurt tribal and commercial gaming operations, and, in turn, harm the communities, local governments and charities that rely upon them for critical funding.
  • Increasing the tax burden on patrons will reduce their disposable income, and consequently revenue and job creation at gaming facilities.
Tribal gaming is a significant job creator and contributor to surrounding communities and the state economy.
  • In 2016, 74 tribal gaming facilities supported 124,300 full time jobs and generated $928 million for the State and $378 million for local governments.
  • $20 billion in annual economic output (2016).
  • Tribal gaming facilities generate vital revenues to support tribal citizens and are catalysts for economic development in the tribes' local communities, which are often rural and economically disadvantaged.
Other, more equitable, resources are available to pay for water infrastructure or state-funded medical schools.
  • A Senate subcommittee has already voted to appropriate $150 million annually from the General Fund to address safe and affordable drinking water issues within the State.
  • The programs to be funded by this proposed deduction can an should be equitably funded out of the roughly $22 billion budget surplus available (LAO) in 2019-20.
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