Poker Room

Qualify here to play in the WSOP tournament in Las Vegas

Sunday, February 16- Sunday, June 1st 20114

Starting February 16, play to qualify for $10,000 seat in the final event at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas plus $2,000 cash for travel expenses.

6pm on Sundays

$60 per player including $10 entry fee

Players receive 3,000 in tournament chips

Re-enter for $60

20 minute rounds

Three (3) weekly finalists to be invited to play on Sunday June 1st for the seat at the W.S.O.P.

80% of weekly prize pool is held for the final week

20% of weekly prize pool to be paid out each Sunday


Every hour, 6pm-2am


AAA1010 to qualify

Earn $1.00 credit for every hour of play (tournaments not included). The credit received can be used at any of the casino outlets.


Starts at noon

$135 Buy-in including $25 each Bounty and $10 entry fee

Re-enter for $135 (Includes $25 Bounty & $10 entry fee)

One add-on during 1st break only (Must have chips)

20 minute rounds

5,000 starting chips




Tournament begin at 6:00 p.m.

There is a $55 buy-in, with one optional $50 re-buy in the first three rounds.

$50 Winner Every Hour

Noon to Midnight

AAA1010 or better to qualify

12pm - 1pm - 2pm - 3pm - 4pm

Both Cards Must Play

Must be present to win



Every Friday beginning at 6:30pm

$55 Buy-in including $10 each Bounty and $5 entry fee

Unlimited re-entry during the first three rounds

One $40 add-on during 1st break only (Must have chips)

20 minute rounds

3,000 starting chips

Every SATURDAY & SUNDAY starting at noon

$55 Buy In

One optional $50 re-buy

During first three rounds

Poker Room Rules

Players must protect their hands at all times. Check and Raise is permitted. A bet and three raises are allowed. Cash is not allowed on the table. Players get action on chips only. One player to a hand. English only rule applies while hand is in process. Players may hold their seats until they have missed three blinds. All games are table stakes. "Show-one Show-all" rule enforced. One Short Buy per One Full Buy is allowed. The Poker Room is non-smoking. Any player abusing employees or other players, either verbally or physically or disrupting the game in any way will be subject to expulsion. Cards speak. A Floor Supervisor's decision is final. * 1099 info will be taken on winnings of $600 or more** Management reserves the right to alter or cancel the tournament without prior notification.