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September Special!

Come and relax with us this month!

  • The Perfect Duo!
    Choose between these two great packages!

    Tired Feet?
    Start off with an amazing 25 minute Foot Reflexology and finish with a glamorous 50 minute Pedicure

    Any day- $90


    Head To Toe!
    Begin this package with a luxurious 50 minute Swedish Massage and completed with a Lira Hydrating Facial!

    Monday-Friday $160
    Saturday-Sunday $170

    **No other discounts or coupons apply
    **Must mention special upon booking

October Special!!

Come spending a relaxing day with us!

  • Exfoliate From Head To Toe!
    Ancient Luxury Body Treatment!

    Eliminate stress from today. Exfoliate with delightful coconut sugar and oil combined with reparative papyrus plant stem cell extract. Replenishing the body with soft delectable hydration from our silk soufflé.

    $105 any day!

    If you purchase any Lira Body Products after your treatment you will recieve a FREE goodie bag with samples!

    May not combine with any other discounts/coupons.
    Offer valid October 1st-October 31st

Few Notes

  • Price Changes
    Effective October 3rd 2016 The Spa will have new pricing. Please call the Front Desk at 530-796-5860 to inquire.


Therapeutic massage is an integral part of maintaining the balance of your energy, body and mind. It’s known to lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow, manage chronic and acute pain, improve immune system functions, and reduce stress and anxiety, and much more. Choose from our carefully designed therapies and our experienced therapists are ready to take care of you.

  • Aromatherapy Massage
    The aromatic essence of plants can have profound effects on the human body and mind. This massage incorporates a blend of organic and wild harvested essential oils of your choice to address your needs in the moment. Choose from Swedish or Deep Tissue work. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your massage time to select the aromatherapy of your choice.
    Swedish Massage 50 minutes Weekday-$83 Weekend-$95
    Swedish Massage 80 minutes Weekday-$113 Weekend- $125
    Deep Tissue Massage 50 minutes Weekday-$93 Weekend-$105
    Deep Tissue Massage 80 minutes Weekday-$128 Weekend-$140
  • Hot Stone Massage
    Warmed basalt stones enhance a massage through deep muscle penetration without deep pressure. It improves blood circulation keeping your heart healthy. The therapy also helps stimulate the flow of oxygen and helps create a calming effect on the nervous system increasing vitality.
    70 minutes, Weekday-$128 Weekend-$140
  • Table Thai Massage
    A deep, stimulating full-body treatment combines techniques such as trigger point treatments, Myofascial techniques, acupressure and yoga-like muscle stretches. During your session there will be interactive manipulation of the body using flowing exercise movements. The recipient’s body is moved, loosened and stretched. Physical and mental benefits include - improved circulation & flexibility, lower blood pressure, help with arthritis and back pain, body detoxification, emotional balancing, stress relief, increased energy level and more. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing for this treatment. Please read our “Be Spa Savvy” page for important notes.
    80 minutes, Weekday-$128 Weekend-$140
  • Ayurvedic Shirodhara Therapy
    Ayurveda is an ancient lifestyle practiced widely in India which aims to create harmony within the body. Ayurveda incorporates a variety of techniques from detoxification, yoga meditation and traditional massage strokes as you would expect. Treatment begins with a stream of warm oil poured slowly onto the forehead for 20 minutes with gentle scalp massage and followed by a full body massage. Shirodhara is done in absolute silence. It takes you to deep relaxation and in to a balanced state of rest, in mind and body. Ayurvedic Shirodhara Treatment helps to overcome stress, relieve insomnia, tension, anxiety, anger, chronic headaches, rheumatism, hypertension and asthma.
    75 minutes, Weekday-$128 Weekend-$140
    Shirodhara Only 25 Minutes, $40
  • Capay Mommy
    Using a blend of mother-and-baby safe oils to nourish the skin, you will enjoy a relaxing massage which relaxes tired muscles. We will help soothe some of the possible discomforts that can accompany pregnancy and help prevent the appearance of stretch marks. This massage will help you enjoy your body and bring you into a state of peaceful contentment.
    50 Minutes, Weekday-$83 Weekend-$95
  • Reflexology Foot Massage
    Reflexology is a gentle form of therapeutic treatment applied to the feet and sometimes to the hands by
    applying pressure with thumb and fingers. Reflexology is based on the belief that there are reflex areas on
    the feet (and hands) corresponding to all the parts of the body including major organs. Pressure is applied to clear out congestion and restore normal functioning and health. It helps to relieve pain associated with migraine, sinus problems, breathing disorders, digestive problems, circulatory problems, back problems, tension and stress.
    25 Minutes, $50


  • Hydrating Facial
    This relaxing hydrating facial treatment infuses the skin with rejuvenating and uplifting benefits delivered via Lira’s Clinical advanced peptide technology, Plant Stem Cells, Colloidal Gold and Silver mineral all working together to give you a deeply moist and refreshed youthful glowing skin.
    *This relaxing hydrating facial is for all skin types. 50 minutes $85
  • Replenishing Caviar Facial
    The Lira Clinical replenishing caviar facial nurtures skin needing a deeply moisturizing and healing treatment. Caviar will bring your skin back to optimal health with advanced peptide technology and healing botanicals. This luxurious treatment includes proteins from the sea, colloidal gold and silver minerals. This facial hydrates and restores skin to create a lasting “just from the spa” glow.
    *Replenishing Caviar Facial is for dry/dehydrated skin types. 50 minutes $118
  • Balancing Facial
    Lira Clinical balancing facial will give your T-zone relief by calming and balancing your combination to oily skin using the Mystiq iLuminating polisher that resurfaces and evens skin tone and removes dull dead cells. This pore-refining treatment will leave your skin clean, balanced and refreshed without drying out your skin.
    *Balancing Facial is for oily and combination skin types. 50 minutes $95
  • Acne Relief Facial
    Lira Clinical ICE line treats all stages of acne on face or body. The Ice Benzo2 scrub exfoliating cleanser kills bacteria, reduces visible scars and lightens without irritating the skin. This facial features antibacterial agents and cooling peppermint to reduce redness while controlling oil production and actively fighting new breakouts. With the technology of the Echinacea and Lilac plant stem cells, your skins immune system is given a boost to treat acne while improving the over health and appearance of your skin.
    *Acne Relief Facial is for oily, acne-prone and combination skin. 50 minutes $95
  • Acne Essential Facial
    Lira Clinical acne essential facial for aging hormonal skin uses the Pro C4 Retinol serum to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles along with a blend of antioxidants, a powerful blend of the latest vitamin C and retinal to correct inflamed photo-damaged and hormonally charged acne. The ICE refining mask helps calm and soothe, brighten and tighten, so you can stop stressing and start glowing.
    *Acne Essential Facial is for adult acne-prone and photo aged skin. 50 minutes $105
  • Lira Lux Treatment
    Lira’s exclusive blend of Retinol and the latest ingredients like, Mastiha from Greece and retinol will help to diminish photo-damage, uneven pigmentation and other signs of aging. The addition of gold and silver minerals help to rejuvenate and heal inflamed or stressed skin. The bio hydra masque will balance, revitalize and brighten your skin.
    *Lira Lux Treatment is for all skin types. 50 minutes $95
  • Mystiq Elite Treatment
    This treatment will give your skin a jolt of energy and powerful luminosity with Lira’s Vita-Brite Vitamin C and stem cell technology. These exclusive Lira procedures tightens, firms, brightens and hydrates to refresh your skin. Improves your skin overall health, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    *Mystiq Elite Treatment is for all skin types. 50 minutes $95 80 minutes $140
  • Brightening Lift Treatment
    Lira’s lactic clear refiner treatment hydrates and corrects sun-damaged and unevenly pigmented skin and stabilizes hormonally imbalanced skin. With Mystiq lifting masque you will get toning and tightening gel masque provides a fast lift to your face, neck and décolletage. Leaving your skin with a healthy glow and well-being.
    *Brightening Lift Treatment is for dry; sun damaged unevenly pigmented and hormonally imbalanced skin. 50 minutes $115 80 minutes $155
  • Skin Specific Peel
    Your skin care professional will determine which peel is best suited for your skin type and skin concerns.
    Effective on pigmented, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin
    Stabilizes hormonally-imbalanced skin
    Ideal treatment for wrinkles, pigmentation and lacklustre skin
    Intense Lightening, Tightening, and Hydrating
    30 Minutes - $65


We invite you to try the ultimate advancement in non-invasive, non-surgical skin conditioning. This unique procedure leaves the skin soft and renewed with more even pigmentation, increased tone and youthful glow. Among many of its amazing benefits is the reduction of acne scars and wrinkles.

  • Diamond Go & Glow Facial
    Your facial begins with a refreshing cleanse of fruit enzymes to remove impurities prior to our ultra gentle diamond microdermabrasion system that will immediately remove dead skin cells to reveal fresh, clean skin. We will then customize an elixir of anti-oxidant serums to infuse intense hydration you will feel and see. We will complete the service with your choice of a tinted or non-tinted SPF 30 to ensure you are glowing and protected. $140
  • Add On Treatment
    Microdermabrasion can be added on any treatment!
    Whole Body-$250


Combining the power of essential oils and flowers with our experienced technicians’ power of touch and skill can have amazing benefits for your body from inside out.

  • Detoxifying Mud Wrap
    This purifying and calming journey begins with gentle dry brushing to increase circulation, encourage the
    body’s discharge of metabolic waste and to aid lymphatic drainage. You are then wrapped in a detoxifying moor mud made from organic silts that are collected from deep underneath 30,000 year old fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe. As you relax in warmth, enjoy a foot massage. After a rinse to remove the mud, return to the table for a hydrating body butter lotion application.
    50 minutes- $80
  • French Honey Glow Treatment
    A must-have treat for your body and skin! This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to eliminate dull skin cells and impurities. You are then wrapped in a detoxifying French red clay mud and heat therapy blanket. Receive a full foot treatment as all your stress melts away. After you enjoy a shower in our private, in-treatment room shower you will be transported to ultimate relaxation with a 50 minute aromatherapy massage.

    105 Minutes- $169


Enjoy spa style nail care and pedicure thrones that indulge your weary feet. Choose from a variety of carefully designed treatments.

  • Manicure & Pedicure
    Your Mani/Pedi begins with a soak and gentle exfoliation to eliminate dull skin cells. Receive a hydrating massage on your hands/feet and lower arms/legs with nourishing body butter containing antioxidant botanicals. Detailed nail care is followed to include filing, buffing, cuticle care and polish.
    Manicure 25 minutes $35
    Pedicure 50 minutes $50
  • Shellac Polish
    Our Shellac Polish creates a natural look that lasts at least 14 days without chips or smudges!

    Get Fresh Shellac Manicure 50 minutes- $65
    Get Fresh Shellac Pedicure 80 minutes- $75
  • Honey Glow Manicure & Pedicure
    This luxurious nail service begins with a soothing soak to prepare your hands/feet. Our mineral body scrub will polish, smooth and moisturize your skin. A detoxifying mask which releases toxins and fluid retention is then applied while nail care is completed. Finish with a gentle massage using Shea butter containing antioxidants botanicals. Detailed nail care includes filing, buffing, cuticle care and polish.
    Manicure 45 Minutes $45
    Pedicure 65 Minutes $70
  • Hot Stone Pedicure
    Take care of your weary feet and tight calves with our hot stone pedicure. Feet and lower legs are massaged with basalt stones to relax tight muscles and improve blood circulation. The treatment is then followed by exfoliation and detailed pedicure services.
    70 minutes $70
  • Nail Enhancement
    Paraffin Hand Treatment $10
    French Manicure or Pedicure Add-on $10
    Nail Art $5 per design
    Polish Change $10


Whether it's a special event, a "new do" or the conclusion to a blissful spa day, our creative stylist will be able to provide the look that you desire. Please note that hair design prices may vary depending upon length, type and condition of hair.

The Spa at Cache Creek Casino Resort is excited to introduce a premium brand of hair color, Wella. Discover new shade possibilities with up to 100% Gray Coverage and a luminous result.

  • Hair Services
    Hair Cut & Style $50 & up
    Shampoo & Blow Dry $40 & up
    Special Occasion $85 & up
    Root Touch Up $65 & up
    Color $85 & up
    Highlight/Lowlight Partial $95 & up
    Highlight/Lowlight Full $120 & up
    Individual Foil $5 each
    Permanent Wave $75 & up
  • Moroccan Oil Conditioning Treatment
    Indulge in our new hair revival treatment where your hair will be hydrated and conditioned with antioxidant-rich argan oil and nourishing ingredients. While dramatically improving hair's texture, elasticity, shine and manageability. Blow-Dry is included

    45 Minutes- $40 & up
  • Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment
    Brazilian Blowout's express Split End Repair is a in-salon treatment that uses a proprietary Thermo-Marine Bonding System to fill in and bind weakened hair fibers, and mend split ends. The treatment's Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex infuses the hair with vital nutrients to fortify and protect fragile ends against heat styling, hot tools and environmental stresses.
    With the proper home care regimen, your results should last up to 4 weeks.
    45 Minutes- $50
  • Brazilian Blow Out
    Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

    The end result is smooth, healthy, conditioned hair with radiant shine.
    With the proper home care regimen, your results should last up to 12 weeks.

    120 Minutes-$200
  • Notes
    Prices are based on average density, shoulder length hair. Prices are subject to increase if time and/or product usage increases.


All of our waxing services are customized to suit your specific needs. Please note that prices may vary based on consultation.

  • Hair Removal
    Lip, Brows or Chin $15 & up
    Face $50 & up
    Leg $40 (half), $70 (full)
    Underarm $20
    Arm $25 (half), $40 (full)
    Chest $55 & up
    Back $55 & up
    Bikini $45 & up
    Brazilian $65 & up


Take advantage of our dual treatment room and share an interlude with that special someone.

  • Couples Massage
    Candlelight, rose petals and our customized aromatherapy massage (Swedish) shared side by side.
    50 minutes Weekday- $200 Weekend-$220
    80 minutes Weekday-$250 Weekend-$270
  • Capay Valley Couples Celebration
    A bubble bath aromatherapy soak in our hydrotherapy tub services as the perfect precursor to our 80 minute customized aromatherapy (Swedish) massage, complete with candlelight and rose petals. The experience includes a bottle of champagne and gourmet cheese tray.
    120 minutes. Weekday-$330 Weekend-$350
  • Deep Tissue Massage Upgrade
    Deep Tissue Massage upgrade is available for the Couples Journey of your choice at per person rate.
    50 minutes $10
    80 minutes $15


Monday to Friday only, excluding holidays.

  • Just Desserts
    Treat yourself to our Lira Hydrating Facial, Aromatherapy Swedish Massage (50 minutes) and a bowl of fresh seasonal berries with a light touch of Grand Marnier. $166
  • Day of Decadence
    Enjoy our Lira Hydrating Facial, Aromatherapy Swedish Massage (50 minutes), Get Fresh Manicure & Pedicure & lunch. $244
  • Deep Tissue Massage Upgrade
    Deep Tissue Massage upgrade is available for the Weekday Rendezvous Package of your choice. 50 minutes $10 per person, 80 minutes $15 per person.


  • Reservations and Cancellations
    Your treatment and your provider’s time are reserved specifically for you. Therefore, 24-hour advance notice is appreciated should you need to change, cancel or reschedule your appointment. Late notifications and ‘no call, no shows’ will be charged at full treatment price. A credit card is required for all reservations.
  • Arrival
    For a stress free check-in, you are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your service starting time. Guests with massage appointments will choose personalized aromatherapy prior to the service. We invite you to take time to shower and enjoy our amenities and the tranquility before your service. Late arrival
    will limit the time of your service, thus lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure. With respect to the
    next guest, your treatment will end at the scheduled time and the full value of your treatment will apply.
  • Spa Amenities
    For our spa guests, we offer robes, sandals and vanity amenities for your comfort and convenience. While lockers are provided, we recommend leaving valuables in your room safe. Additional amenities include whirlpools, saunas and eucalyptus infused steam rooms are complimentary for spa guests with service of $50 or more.
  • Holidays
    Please note when booking appointments on a Holiday it will reflect weekend pricing.
  • Hotel Cancellations
    Cancelling your hotel reservation DOES NOT automatically cancel your spa appointments, so please contact us directly to do so.
  • Group Cancellations
    A 72-hour advance notice is required for groups of 3 or more to avoid being charged the full treatment prices.
  • Fitness Center
    Our fitness center is complimentary for all hotel guests. Fitness center usage does NOT include spa amenities.
  • Spa Edibles
    Guests can choose a healthy selection from our menu. Orders can be placed at check-in and delivered at your desired time. Please allow at least 45 minutes. Outside food and drinks are not allowed.
  • Gratuities
    Gratuities are at the guest’s discretion and greatly appreciated by our staff.

    For your convenience an 18% gratuity is added to parties 6 or more.
  • Age Requirement
    You must be at least 21 years of age to use the fitness center and enjoy The Spa.
  • Return Policy
    If you are not satisfied with the item purchased, return within 14 days of the purchase day with original receipt. All refunds will be credit to method of payment. A check will be mailed for all cash purchases of $50 or more. NO RETURN ON SALE ITEMS.
  • Contact Us
    For reservation or question, please call us at 800-452-8181, extension 5860 or 530-796-5860. Or you can email us at We look forward pampering you soon!


  • Spa Attire & Comfort
    Clothing is optional when using our locker room amenities. It is our recommendation to disrobe completely
    for your massage (except for Table Thai therapy) and body treatments. Our well trained technicians apply professional draping techniques to ensure discretion during your services. Remove all jewelry prior to your services. Please bring your swimwear to enjoy our outdoor pool and whirlpools.
  • Health Concerns
    To ensure you will receive a full and relaxing journey, please let us know of any allergies and health conditions, concerns and/or requests when making your appointment so our technicians are prepared in advance according to your needs.
  • Be Thoughtful
    We strive to provide a relaxing environment for all of our guests, please assist us in doing so by turning
    off your cell phone while in The Spa and keeping conversations / volume low.
  • Prior to Body Treatments
    Do not shave or wax within 24 hours of your scheduled body treatments.
  • Prior to Peel Express Facial
    Do not have facial hair removal at least 24 hours prior to receiving the peel facial. Guests who are using Retin-A, Renova or any prescribed exfoliating or skin sensitizing products must be discontinued 14 days prior to receiving peel facial. Guests who have taken Acutane in the last 12 months should not
    receive this peel facial. Using our sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi or taking an extremely hot shower/bath is not recommended within 4 hours post treatment. Additional information available at the front desk, please feel free ask our spa coordinator for a copy before or after your treatment.
  • Prior to Waxing Services
    Guests who are using Acutane, Retin-A or similar products within the last 6 months should not receive waxing services. We suggest shower prior to waxing services.
  • Table Thai Massage Contradictions
    Guests who are pregnant, have ruptured disc(s), recent surgery (less than 3 months), hip replacement, knee replacement or are experiencing flu-like symptoms are not recommended to receive this treatment.